Mac Well


The Mac Well Project has expanded Krakatoa’s land holding in the Dalgaranga region.

Mac well is a 66.9Km2 Exploration licence containing numerous pegmatite units identified by previous operators as well as encouraging results from a June 2016 field expedition.

In June 2016, a low impact field based exploration mission was deployed at Mac Well (E59/2175) which confirmed the occurrence of Li-bearing mica’s and the presence of suitable pegmatites previously not identified:

  • 16D037: 0.32% Li2O, 488.2ppm NbO

Field reconnaissance at Mac Well confirmed the presence of suitable pegmatites, and the occurrence of the Li-bearing phyllosilicate, Zinnwaldite.  Two samples, 16D037 and 16D038, were collected from shallow fossicking pits.  Both samples show evidence for Li enrichment (0.32% and 0.18% Li2O, respectively). Sample 16D037 also reports significant levels of NbO at 488.2 ppm.


Project Geology

The Mac Well Project (“Mac Well” or “the Project”) area contains outcrops of metamorphosed basic rocks enclosed within a granitic migmatites. To the south of the project area, the migmatites are porphyritic granite.

The contact between the granite curves from northeast round to the northwest and this is reflected in the banding in the migmatites and basic metamorphic rocks.

The area is dominated by granite with numerous large xenoliths/inclusions of greenstone exist either as roof pendants or unassimilated inclusions of country rock in granite. Graphic textures may be indicative of the apical zone of the granite and possibly indicative of high water, volatile and incompatible element content.