ASX Announcements

31 Oct       Rubidium Mineralised Pegmatites Confirmed at Dalgaranga

25 Oct       Quarterly Cashflow Report

25 Oct       Quarterly Activities Report

24 Oct       Change of Director’s Interest Notice x 3

24 Oct       Appendix 3B

24 Oct       KTA to Further Expand Dalgaranga Project Area

24 Oct       Results of Meeting

04 Oct       KTA to Expand Dalgaranga Project Area

22 Sep      Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

18 Sep      Completion of Drilling at Dalgaranga

11 Sep      Drilling Commences at Dalgaranga

05 Sep      Heritage Clearance obtained at Dalgaranga

25 Aug      Drilling Contractor Appointed for Dalgaranga Project

14 Aug      Fresh Geochemistry Supports Rubidium Enrichment

11 Aug      Becoming a substantial holder

07 Aug      Final Director’s Interest Notice

07 Aug      Initial Director’s Interest Notice

07 Aug      Board Changes

04 Aug      Annual Report to shareholders

04 Aug      Appendix 4G

26 Jul        Dalgaranga Exploration and Drilling Update

17 Jul        Quarterly Activities Report

17 Jul        Quarterly Cashflow Report

29 Jun       Dalgaranga Project Update and Forward Program

20 Jun       Placement of Shortfall & Appendix 3B

16 Jun       Exciting Rubidium Rock Chip Results – Dalgaranga Project

29 May     Change of Director’s Interest Notice x 3

25 May     Results of Meeting

24 May     Closure of Rights Issue and Option Placement

27 Apr      Letter to Eligible Shareholders

27 Apr      Letter to Ineligible Shareholders

24 Apr      Notice to Optionholders

24 Apr      Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

24 Apr      Appendix 3B

24 Apr      Prospectus

24 Apr      Non-Renounceable Rights Issue and Option Placement

21 Apr      Quarterly Cashflow Report

21 Apr      Quarterly Activities Report

05 Apr      Change of Director’s Interest Notice x 3

04 Apr      Options Expiry

27 Mar     Change in substantial holding

24 Mar     Reinstatement to Official Quotation – Tuesday 28 March 2017

24 Mar     Appendix 3B

24 Mar     Market Update

24 Mar     Prospectus

16 Mar     Half Yearly Report and Account

16 Mar     Market Update

06 Mar     Field Program Completed at Dalgaranga & Mac Well

02 Mar     Option Expiry

10 Feb      Field Program Commences at Dalgaranga & Mac Well

31 Jan       Quarterly Cashflow Report

31 Jan       Quarterly Activities Report